SteveSteve Cox was born in London in 1964 and his formal education was completed at Nene University in business and finance.

In his business career Steve has worked with  start-up and turn-around companies, developing skills in selling, team development and mentoring. In his first sales role he increased sales by 300% in three years and within seven years was managing the largest sales area in the company. The next step from this was sales management, where Steve developed a team that increased sales by 500% in five years and resulted in his promotion to Sales Director.

Ten years ago Steve started writing ‘thoughts for the day’ for sales teams and in recent years has promoted these thoughts through social media including Facebook and Twitter. As a dedicated student of Tai Chi and early Chinese philosophy, he has spent many years working on how these thoughts can be applied to modern day life, especially with regards to achieving inner stillness and awareness. Two key principles developed within his book Still Selling are ‘Us’ rather than ‘Me’ thinking and ‘Relaxed Confidence’, which are at the core of The Still Salesperson.

The essence of Steve’s thinking of life is to develop balance and prosperity from and place of stillness and calm. At a time where we are constantly bombarded with information and noise in this digital world it is more important than ever to find calm and clarity within ourselves.