Beat the Winter Blues Top Tips

Beat the Winter Blues Top Tips

Have you woken up today to the sound of rain again? This time last year it was snow and ice, but that is winter for you. It arrives every year but also finishes with the new growth in spring.

To make the best of the seasons we have to live with the reality of them and there is always opportunity to live fully in each of them.

So to help you to discover the opportunities in winter follow some top tips:

  1. Stop and think of 5 things you appreciate in life now? This simple act will get you thinking positively about your reality now. 
  1. Forced indoors winter is a great time to read. Is there a book you have always promised yourself you would read? I have just ordered Anna Karenina that I know will be a challenge, but a good one. 
  1. Like reading winter is also a great time to learn, so why not sign up for a course to develop your knowledge and skills? 
  1. Smile at everyone you meet. This simple act will get others smiling and the mood will become lighter. 
  1. Take time to plan your spring and summer adventures. Try using visualisation techniques as these will make them feel real now and help you work towards your adventures. 
  1. If the above is too much activity learn to relax and enjoy the stillness of winter. This will help store your energy naturally so you can burst into spring. 

We cannot avoid winter yet we can make the most of the reality rather than wish away time until spring arrives. Wish away time and you will soon look back and wonder where the years have gone.

Live for the season and you will make the most of what life has to offer.

Relaxed Confidence: For Life and Living.