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Still Selling

For me, this book was an important reminder about ‘stuff’ I’ve forgotten… In essence, Steve’s book is an excellent communication skills tool – for anyone in any business.  Malcolm

This is a great book that offers a new and straightforward approach to empower people to remain calm and upbeat in stressful work/ life situations. It is very thought provoking, and a must have for everyone not just for sales professionals. Highly recommended.  Zulfi Hussain

This book offers a range of approaches to empower people to remain calm and upbeat in stressful work/ life situations. It offers an East meets West ideology, to allow self-contemplation and to review situations. It is entertaining and thought provoking, a must for lonely nights away from home on the road.  Bludger

I was in a very fortunate position to see an advanced copy of the book. Steve manages to explain sales in a new, fresh and straightforward way. The book opens your mind to new ways of selling without resorting to the hard sell tactics used in so many other books. I would recommend the book to anyone involved in sales or looking to break into the world of selling. I hope this will be the first of many books!  Jennifer

At the very least this is a good general sales guide that would be especially useful to new sales people and provides some useful guides and reminders for more experienced sales people. I also find the general approach to sales (us not me) very much in tune with my beliefs and practices and I guess the biggest challenge is in convincing the people who have a more aggressive approach that this can work. This book demonstrates that it can be successful. I recommend this book to all sales people, especially those who are relatively new to the role. Phil Auden