Control Freak or Control Adapter?

The abnormal weather in the UK continually reminds me that we cannot control everything in life. There are those in life who do try to control everything but simply end up frustrated, anxious and stressed.

Rather than trying to control everything is it not better to only control and act where you can make a difference positively?

Here are some top tips to allow you to become a control adapter and not stuck in the emotional trap of the control freak:

  1. Change your attitude from looking at the negatives to the positives in situations. This is the most immediate thing you can do to adapt. Try thinking of five things you appreciate now? This simple act we get you focused on the now and what is good. 
  1. Let go of what you cannot control. Holding will only hold you back as other move forward. 
  1. Relax into the circumstances so you can flow rather than push. In this way you will make progress with least resistance. Remember water flows around obstacles yet has the power to shape mountains. 
  1. Expect the best outcome but prepare for the worst. 
  1. By broadening your perspective by looking at life from many angles consider where you can act positively. You cannot see the top of the mountain if you stand too close yet can see all when you step back. 
  1. Change is inevitable and the circumstances you find yourself in will move forward and by adopting the tips above you can prosper. 

Relaxed Confidence: For Life, and Living