Extreme Weather

Freezing temperatures in the USA and ferocious heat in Australia the extremes of weather we are facing at the moment.


People feast over Christmas to diet after the New Year.


These are examples of the extreme that when we are caught up in them affect our mind, body and emotion.


Yet when we look at the world we see this affect also in politics and football mangers as examples. A few things do not go as planned and we make dramatic decisions to change and start again. How can we expect smooth progress to a sustainable future as individuals and community if we keep make drastic changes?


Do we really want to live trapped in a cycle of extremes forever changing direction?


Yes we do need to adapt and change as nothing stays the same and evolves. So why do we not consider a middle path between extremes? Like a seesaw when we are in the middle we remain balanced yet can ease to the left or the right without losing balance.


In this way by adjusting our life from the centre we can adapt and change without having to revert to the extremes that throw our life out of balance.


By seeking the balance in life we will remain balanced in our mind and body, calm and relaxed.


Now that sounds good to me a calm and relaxed life, you?


Relaxed Confidence: For Life and Living.