In my role as a Sales Director I do not just ask the sales team to just go and sell product.

What I ask is “Who can you help and with what?”

So what is the difference as in both cases products are bought or not. Actually the difference is significant as in the first case the sales person would simply be considering their sales and revenue. In the latter however the sales person puts the needs of others first.

When going to help other people you consider first what can you give without consideration for what you may be rewarded. This change of attitude for a sales person changes the dynamic of how they do their job from it is all about “Me” and my needs to “Us” and how by helping we all can prosper.

When applied to life in general it creates a more positive approach to life where we look for opportunities to help other people and in doing so build more prosperous relationships. Think how great relationships would be if we actively helped each other rather than worried about our agenda?

So a simple change of attitude from “Me” to “Us” can have a really positive effect not only for yourself but for those you encounter.

So in the following week, who can you help?

Positive, Partnerships, Produce, Powerful, Prosperity

Relaxed Confidence: For Life and Living.