Reality over Wishful Thinking Top Tips

I have just arrived back from a trade fair where I met many different people and discuss their business now and for the year ahead.

When people start talking I often hear “business is not how it used to be” or “If only X”. The truth of the matter is business and the world are not as it used to be as change is a constant, and we have the choice to adapt and move forward or get stuck in the past.

The difference is living in the reality of now and seeing opportunity or closing our mind and wishful thinking.

So looking at your business or life it is best to live with reality to make a positive impact. The following tips will help you:

  1. Take time out from your routine regularly and consider what your reality is? This is best achieved when you can consider the whole with clear perspective and not caught in the emotion. It can be good to do this with an objective friend or colleague. 
  1. When you are clear with the reality what do you need to let go to move forward? 
  1. What new actions, attitudes will help you develop? 
  1. Stop worrying about things you cannot control, and act positively where you can. 
  1. What changes can you foresee and how can you start adapting now to make the most of new opportunities that will naturally occur? 
  1. Stop fighting change it is inevitable, and better to become a master of change and flow with it.


  1. By living with reality and thinking with clear perspective we can unlock our creativity for a bright future. 

When we act like water we can better flow around the obstacles in life and fill the wells of opportunity.


Relaxed Confidence: For Life and Living.