Relax and let the ideas flow

I spent last Friday afternoon with the team from Porchlight in Canterbury who do great work with the homeless and disadvantaged in Kent.

We worked on developing personal values and how they become our purpose in life.

“Your vales become your destiny” Gandhi.

Great sports people and masters of their skill naturally relax and allow their skills to flow creating success. This however is quite different to many people who when trying something new try so hard and concentrate they end up becoming blocked. It is only when they relax that the skill starts to flow and the learning process progresses.

So before we started our session on values we completed a relaxation exercise to allow our minds to relax so that ideas would flow away from day to day thoughts. As we shared experiences and ideas each of us were able to develop our own awareness of our values.

I appreciate at times it is good to get away and be alone to think but working within a group of people willing to share works so that all can benefit. By sharing our experiences we help each other learn by building a wider perspective. It is in this wider perspective and understanding that we learn more about ourselves and in the case of the values session how we can add positively to the world.

So what did I really learn from the session?

  • When we relax things start to flow
  • Be willing to share experience so all can benefit
  • It is with wide experience that solutions are found
  • You are never alone there are always people who have experienced as you, good and bad
  • It is not only in organised groups that the process works. It will work with friends, acquaintances, family and colleagues alike, it just takes the willingness to be open and non judgmental


Relaxed Confidence: For Life and Living.