Simple Solutions for Successful Outcomes

Simple Solutions for Successful Outcomes

Why is it when plans are presented they are often made more complicated than they could be?

Is it to make people feel important, clever or to feed the ego? I am not sure why but when we over complicate things they become hard to follow and therefore increase anxiety and stress that can lead to success being missed.

There are some who make things difficult to create a mystic about what they do, and in so doing charge more for their work. This way of working does not build trust in customers as the balance between supplier and customer is not balanced. Good business is open business where all dealings are transparent so all can prosper. Likewise in life!

Solutions you create for yourself and other people need to be clearly defined and understood so all can work together with understanding. Littered through history there are many heroic stories of how the few have conquered the many with a simple plan and a unified approach.

So discovering solutions for yourself, team or as a leader can you answer the following?

  1. Have you taken time to develop a clear perspective of the situation?
  2. Is the issue or goal clearly defined?
  3. Is the solution simple and logical? If it is a major task have you broken it down to bite size chunks, each leading to the next?
  4. Can you present the above points to other people so they understand fully what is expected?
  5. Is the solution measurable in total and in stages? 

Impact of simple solutions

  1. Unified approached to achievement
  2. Reduced anxiety and stress
  3. We all relax when we know where we are headed. A relaxed mind is more open and creative leading to greater results
  4. Simple solutions does not mean easy but clearly understood
  5. With  a clear plan you are less likely to get lost in detail taking you away from the objective 

Seek not to force the outcome but by working on the individual steps allow your actions to flow to success. All it takes is simply one step at a time.


Relaxed Confidence: For Life and Living.