Sure it’s good to relax, but how?

To develop Relaxed Confidence we must first learn how to relax and this simple exercise designed by Bill Ryan and Kathryn Komidar ( is a great way to start.

The exercise

Sit down and take off your shoes and, if you wear them, your glasses. Rest your palms in your lap, facing upward.

Gently curl your fingers and thumbs a little towards your palms and then uncurl them. Do these actions repeatedly in a slow, rhythmical fashion in which you never stop moving. Let the curl become the uncurl and the uncurl become the curl. Usually the slower you move, the better, but “pulse” at whatever speed feels most relaxing to you.

Now in unison with your fingers gently curl a little and uncurl your toes. Do this is such a way that you don’t tighten your toes, even if this means that you barely move them.

Now gently close your eyes and partially open them as you curl and uncurl. Let them remain unfocused as you open and close them.

Continue to “pulse” your fingers, toes, and eyes this way for 2 minutes. If you find yourself wanting to inhale and exhale with the movements, do this too. If other parts of your body want to let go or move a bit as well, let them. Play with the speed of your pulsing, but err on the side of going slower and slower with least effort. In fact how slow can you go and still keep moving without straining?

When most people do this exercise, they find that all or parts of their body naturally begin to relax.

For the next two weeks, each day play with this exercise whenever you find that you would like to relax. See whether and when it works for you.

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