Guiding principles

“When we discover balance in life and develop relaxed confidence, allowing life to flow, we can achieve goals and well-being without force.”

Relaxed Confidence looks at ways to understand ourselves and look at ways in which we can develop our qualities to the full. In face, what more can we ask of ourselves than to live our lives to the best of our abilities and true to our values.

  • Our values set the purpose, benchmark and compass for our life
  • A relaxed way of being creates clarity of thought and actions that flow.
  • By thinking and acting for ‘Us’ and not ‘Me’ alone, we become mindful of the needs and wants of others naturally.
  • By letting go of what we cannot control we make space to act positively where we can.
  • By accepting change as a constant, with flexibility we can flow around obstacles and fill the wells of opportunity.
  • Replace force with enthusiasm and you fill yours and other’s lives with positive energy.
  •  It is in the development of technique not the target that results are achieved.
  • We ask questions to learn, yet only by giving 100% to listening without prejudice can we discover the answers.
  • Only by viewing life from other’s perspectives and respecting their truth can we become balanced in our view.
  • By respecting the free will of others, we achieve through consensus not force.
  • 70% rule to progress without burnout